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No photo ID. Please help!
i have the exact same issue as you, no ID cant create accounts at any recommended bitcoin exchange... ive used cryptovoucher many times, i had a lot …
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Definitely, nobody is forced to buy anything and it's up to the buyer to determine what represents value for money to them
Amazing quality buds right here with pistach
agreed! for taste and flavours pistach is definitely my favourite vendor so far
best place to buy bitcoins? I'm in the UK
i have the same problem, cant open accounts as i have no passport/drivers license.. i use coincoupon, but the fees are ridiculously high..
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bitcoin fee's
the BTC in my wallet has lost close to £20 in value over the last 24 hours and no matter what time i try to send the fees are just so high! unless i w…
Buyer beware *Cali fake alert*
For me.personally I'm a bit sceptical as to any imports, but I would never call out a vendor because I thought one of their weeds wasnt really importe… + 3 more
My experience with ukpacks
thanks for the heads up, never seen this vendor before but the price and reviews alone seem worth a punt
Buying Bitcoins
Does anyone use Paxful? theres sellers who want paypal as payment method and i'm wondering if its legit? the exchange rate is 99% on some offers that …
{lb help}
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Do I need a Bitcoin wallet?
you have no control over the fee's you pay sending it like this tho + 2 more
{lb help}
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definitely time, i'm seeing fees upward of £40 tonight?? and my wallets telling me the blocjchain is never seen that before