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Which sellers have the best stealth
i was impressed with pistach's stealth recentely
{buy help}
Alternative payments
its becoming almost impossible for me to buy bitcoin with no ID now :(
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
definitely time, i'm seeing fees upward of £40 tonight?? and my wallets telling me the blocjchain is never seen that before
New strain of haze & a small giveaway
ahh i wish i saw this earlier, i just ordered some GD from you instead lol
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Definitely, nobody is forced to buy anything and it's up to the buyer to determine what represents value for money to them
started topic
NFTs on Blockchain
i recentely saw digital nba trading cards are blowing up in america aswell, some cards selling for 100s of thousands of shots they are c…
{lb help}
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BTC FEES! Sky High!
i use exodus wallet and you can set your own fee's, be worth checking your wallet out as mine jumped from £7 worth of bitcoin to £56 today? no clue ho…
{lb help}
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BTC help?
started topic + 2 more
Worst and best HYPE strains ??
i've had nothing but bad experiences with 'mimosa' in the past, i stay away from that...
Buyer beware *Cali fake alert*
For me.personally I'm a bit sceptical as to any imports, but I would never call out a vendor because I thought one of their weeds wasnt really importe… + 3 more
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bitcoin fee's
the BTC in my wallet has lost close to £20 in value over the last 24 hours and no matter what time i try to send the fees are just so high! unless i w…