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Popeye'z - Tres Dawg
sizing a flick
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on  [music]
most embarrassing song in your collection?
The Infamous Mon-Gees LP. + 2 more
on  Mystic11
Drug driving. Has anyone been caught?
Keep a small food grade (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) hydrogen peroxide in a mini bottle in the glove, definitely NOT mouth wash as most contain a high level o…
1/10 Review 😂
1/10 B-GRAGE ORANGE KUSH-FREE SHIPPING didn't arrive, the seller wasn't helpful, will never order off this vendor again reviewed 11 days ago 1/10 HI… + 5 more
Check Out Our Coffee Shop Grade Jaffa Caked Cookies!!!
Orderer in! looking good, look forward to it, not having had this particular strain before, but many of the derivatives/parents GP/CP, etc... will rep…
on  [music]
new order vs depeche mode?
New Order every time D aren't even close to me...
Best grinder
23-year-old Space Case. Extremely hard to better... + 2 more
Guys got issues. BudExperience...
Pot, kettle... + 13 more
Skywalker OG ***fire batch #2
This joker Smoke'unt obviously makes a habit of going looking to troll people on here I've just had the first-hand experience with this shill just a d…
No reply from vendor.. I wanna know when I will get my stuff I just paid for. LSG
It seems not just me... cause I'm not inquiring about future sales/products (my lovelies) got those responses in mins/hrs... just about a fairy larg…
on  {rap}
What decade had the best rap?
The late 1970s-80s anything after the very early '90s is badly regurgertated twisted anti-positive gang bollocks apart from the odd few...
What strains are your favourite?
**ukpacks not to be trusted**
Completely agree with budboy I just got some star dawg as my feed states it's the worse S.D/order I ever had on L.B. a Complete waste of money...The s… + 14 more