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Bitcoin fees
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What strain would you like to see more of? Would buy some of this if you have any kicking about;) https://www.lea… + 2 more
SHAKE COMPETITION good vibes 14/6
Good vibes
devvy borg
lb shopping baskets and more
Great changes but what happened to the litecoin option? Cheers
Concentrate Containers
I like the glass but only because the silicone is not fixed in place, moves around and almost comes out when I get me dab ready. So the silicone of it…
Are we using spice (K2)
I bought some spice once and bonged 0.04 grams. I pulled handles off the kitchen cupboards trying to open them to get water. I was dizzy, heart poundi…
on  Richy781
Could Elon Musk claim Mars?
Well they already own the Milky Way;)
What kind of bud is this made with and how much is in each 150ml? Cheers
started topic + 2 more
on  Davey989
Any other drugs for sale??
I doubt you would of enjoyed it. It’s meant to be a pretty rough trip. Unless you drink the urine of someone who injested it, then they process the to… + 3 more
Blunts, Bongs, Joints or Dabs...?
You must be a smoker, I can’t taste anything but tobacco if it’s in anything I smoke. I am a mighty fan but am going to try the oil rigs I think;)…