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Most efficient way to vape?
Redeye jedi
Has anyone tried hhc ?
I haven't, nor do I intend too

My concern with any of these new cannabinoids being synthesised out of hemp in America is two fold.

1: unlike delta 9 we currently have no long term data regarding health effects on both physical and mental for these newer cannabinoids as even the ones "found" in nature are usually in teeny tiny amounts not like we see now with these new extractions and were also now seeing true synthetic cannabinoids which don't exist in nature (or have yet to be discovered)

Anecdotal evidence - anyone who's done MDMA (like proper) and then it's analogues before the great legal high ban, a lot were close in some effects but fucking hell you paid for it in a different way and the high itself never matched then proper stuff 😐 from the dabbling I did before deciding it wasn't for me , the cannaboid analogues are similar in my mind

2: in the UK why bother (other than currently you can get hhc in retailers) we can get weed etc easy enough and due to the whatsitcalled act thing its just as illegal over here as weed
I’m with the rabbit on this one
I tried some of the legal high mdma stuff being told it was just regular mdma.. within 30mins I realised it definitly was not 😂
Spice was legal once… I actualy remember an article in the local paper ‘urging all drug users to stick to what they know’ basically use the old school illegal drugs 😆😅
Redeye jedi
Definitely agree that I never had a legal high as good as mdma!;)
Redeye jedi
Good points. Just to add the synthetic cannabis is full agonists and the natural cannabis is a partial agonist, which explains why the effects were so strong for people who smoked the spice.

Hhc is supposed to be 100%natural. Not sure if it is though

One interesting thing is that hhc is meant to last 3 times longer than delta 9thc. Which makes me wonder if it’s a partial agonist like the delta 9
K2 was a very bad time with it's jwh spraying and weird-ass effects. Who needs synthetic cannabinoids when the real ones are just so good 💚💦
Redeye jedi
Agreed and also the synthetic jwh stuff was actually the easy going mild stuff compared to the synthetic cannabinoids which were released afterwards
That's true. Things got much worse with the black mamba spice types which I've luckily never been near
All of these analogue chems are pretty bad. Stick to normal weed, MDMA, LSD, mushrooms etc. The synthetic analogues always screw you over and are never as good on my experience.
Hip Hop Connections? Yeah I got those old copies still, Silver Bullet, Ruthless Rap Assassins, Hijack covers etc.
We have. It was given by a friend to try it. It sucks 😅

It's super sticky because they spray the cbd flower with oil from CBD seeds.
The taste is strange and the effect is weird even though it looked like a nice bud
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