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Are the “Cali” packs worth it?
What weed produces the most vapour?
Do any vendors use any courier service other than Royal Mail? Thanks
Redeye jedi
Do any vendors put a 50p chocolate bar or something to increase the weight of the letter?
I received a sample inside a bag of popcorn once.
Redeye jedi
That’s pretty good. I just think a packet is more likely to get stolen if it’s very light
I tend to agree with you, although when this has been raised before people just pile in with examples of “light things it could be other than weed” 🤓
My Postie definitely knows what my zero weighted packages are because he always gives me a knowing wink- fortunately he’s one of the good guys but if he’s worked it out I’m pretty sure a whole lot of them have.
A choccy bar of weight is a good solution in my mind, if it meant adding $2 on the cost I’d pay it….decent chocolate only of course! 🤤
Redeye jedi
I was hoping I could get a list of vendors that do this so I can try ordering from them. Supermarkets do 4 bars for a quid. So it’s not a big extra cost for a bit extra stealth
you can always say it's a fancy tea, like matcha, pu-erh or sencha or something like that
Canadian Imports
We facilitate any requests regarding order stealth,
We have had some odd ones in our time but we are always happy to do anything to put our customers minds at ease we hope we never have to refuse a request but so far most customer just ask for a chocolate bar like you mentioned or specific packaging :)
Redeye jedi
Good to know;)
I raised this with a vendor once and they told be to buy heavier weed.
I'd just worry about a chocolate bar feeling like loads of hash to the postie!
Hash tag used to put mobile phone covers in his but i think he stopped,it is a good idea to put a chocolate bar in it though.
No offence to the other vendors but the guy on here with the best stealth is Hashishin his stealth is incredible so good at first you think you have been had(not going to describe it you will just need to see for yourself lol),no worries about UK customs either they have no reason to check it as its already passed through the toughest customs on the planet.
Does heavier make it stealthier?
I want it to look innocuous but weight isn't significant to me except when I’m in queue at the post office waiting to pay what the vendor didn’t.
It needs to look and feel right for its weight, if it felt like a chocolate bar I’d wonder who was spending £4 to post a chocolate bar and expect the outside to have a suitable logo/ return address that explained things.

I definitely received enough ‘computer supplies off Ebay’ to build a particle collider and CD’s aren’t a thing anymore so change / variety is good for sure.
Redeye jedi
At that size I thought it was about size. For example I buy a 1st class large letter stamp which I don’t think would cost extra money for an extra 50 grams or 30 grams. Or though that is about an oz of hash size
Who has sticky buds?
Just thought I would let you all know!
Has anyone tried not decarboxyilating
Distillate - clear vs golden
Making your own carts
Can I use the basket for multiple vendors at the same time? Thanks
Bitcoin fees
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Is this htfse?
started topic
It’s back :)
Thanks, I had it a while back as well, but as you know batches differ time to time;) + 2 more
I think it get sicklier over time. I bought an oz of mimosa and like it at first but after 6 months is get sicky. I preferred the fresh mimosa over th…
Sounds good, particularly if you’re a grower;) + 3 more
Whats your camping must have's?
HTFSE carts, baby wipes and boots
UK is only 1% of world emissions?
Well concrete on its own is about 8 to 10%
Best vendor for Cali import….
They look next level!!!
on  Davey989
Any other drugs for sale??
Good luck . You sound a great age to be;) + 5 more
2 ounces missing
I think diuk only send a half at a time
on  Cjm123
Cancelled order, where is uk420 ?. Lol
Happened to me as well . Drgreentbumb is right
SHAKE COMPETITION good vibes 14/6
Good vibes
Blunts, Bongs, Joints or Dabs...?
You must be a smoker, I can’t taste anything but tobacco if it’s in anything I smoke. I am a mighty fan but am going to try the oil rigs I think;)…
What strain would you like to see more of? Would buy some of this if you have any kicking about;) https://www.lea… + 2 more
devvy borg
lb shopping baskets and more
Great changes but what happened to the litecoin option? Cheers
Concentrate Containers
I like the glass but only because the silicone is not fixed in place, moves around and almost comes out when I get me dab ready. So the silicone of it…
Are we using spice (K2)
I bought some spice once and bonged 0.04 grams. I pulled handles off the kitchen cupboards trying to open them to get water. I was dizzy, heart poundi…
on  Richy781
Could Elon Musk claim Mars?
Well they already own the Milky Way;)