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Redeye jedi
Organic bud vendors list
Please name those vendors;)

Thanks to all;)

I know northern organics does but any others?
Tried and recommended:

Northern Organics
Druids Magic (some grows? Not sure if they all are organic)

There are other organic listings at the moment, but I haven't tried those vendors so I can't comment on them.
Redeye jedi
I remembered chronus but only selling once or twice a year I think. Didn’t realise some of druids was organic. I will enquire;)

Northern Organics are the ones for sure...

But, as purveyors of high quality Organic products we would also like to add our name to this list!

Page looks a little light right now as we have only just joined, but are aiming to be fully operational by the end of the month.

Menu and images incoming - Watch this space!

Redeye jedi
Look forward to it;) when do you expect to start listing?
Hi all..can definitely vouch for Northern Organics.just had a drop from them..all great organic smokes.Sour Crack!!.purple punch!!.and forum stomper..!!
Druids Magic also do nice clean organic growth..happy Days👍😉
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