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Shall we redraw for the last winner?
If not too late can I have a number? By the way the Blue Zushi is some cracking weed fair play
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Best games of this/last gen?
I love racing games so at moment I'm playing Forza Horizon 5 a lot, Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth a look and you'd have to have a heart of stone not …
Cookie Dawg
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First time fizzy bottle edibles
Take half or quarter and go from there, I was worried when I took these at first, just take your time with them and you'll be fine. I took 2 once, the…
Appreciation post for the Dr
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Fizzy Bottles
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Can distillate just be added into ejuice?
I've just ordered my 3rd lot of the bottles, they are well worth getting. The Doctor is one of the best vendors on here!