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Welcome to Druids Magic!

Ekk the gorillas have escaped for a while! - UPDATE - An urban gorilla seen in a Sliver haze on Lsd playing a critical glockenspiel- umm that's what the text said ?

We are a small consortium of growers who grow our own herbs for our personal consumption. At times we have excess to our needs and would like to share our magic with you. We don't specialize in any one variety but enjoy growing diversity within our grove. From pure strains to mixed, high THC to CBD and even the odd bit of hash and edibles.

All orders will be shipped Free (discretely packaged) via 1st Class Royal Mail within 48hrs Mon - Fri. Weekend orders will be shipped on the Monday morning.

Royal Mail very rarely loses any posted mail so please allow time for orders to arrive.

We hope you enjoy our works of love and creation knowing many a more harvest will be shared with you all along our paths travelled.

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Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt seeds is a Big Bud x Multiple Skunks.

Please note this is not 'A' grade for bag appeal only.

The smoke from this Pineapple skunk is a lovely day/evening time pleasure. She lifts you up and carries you along feeling stoned yet able to function. She has been cured and burped daily for eight weeks prior to getting lightly vacuum sealed for freshness and flavour. If your after a good long-lasting smoke at a fair price this may well be the one you need.

70% indica / 30% sativa.
THC 15%>

Effect: Fast acting, long lasting, physical, energetic and cerebral.
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Critical Kush from Barneys Farm is a Cup winner breed from Critical Mass and OG Kush.

This strong Indica dominate cross delivers a powerful hit of warmth and love. It is a bit of a creeper too, so don’t have to many in quick succession otherwise you’ll be one with the couch before you know it!

It’s a nice smooth smoke Earthy, piney inhale and a citrus exhale. It will relax and calm you and help with removing the days stresses. Due to the creeping nature of its hit, I’d recommend this as an evening smoke to chill and watch a movie or pottering around doing little tasks before bed.

THC: 20 - 29%
CBD: low
Effects: Stimulating, relaxed, calming, will help with pain, stress and insomnia
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10/10 Critical Kush
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 RP Limited Edition Crane Bag
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive edited 22 sep 21
10/10 Crane Bag of Gorilla's
reviewed 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
9/10 Crane Bag of Gorilla's
reviewed 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Peyote Critical
reviewed 2 days ago   took 8 days to arrive edited 20 sep 21
10/10 Crane Bag of Gorilla's
reviewed 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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5 topics on Druids Magic
Ape madness
Really like what you guys are doing!
Druids Magic
New Crane Bag
Just a quick heads up to announce our latest offerings the 'RP Limited Edition Crane Bag'

Some wonderful 100% organic varieties for you to try. Stocks are small so please take a look inside our bag and see if you like the look of its hidden goodies.

Take care all and thanks for looking DM :)
Selection here looks lovely. I’ll have to pass on this as have just put in a couple of other orders but ive had a couple of these strains before and it looks a great selection IMHO. Keep
up the good work guys
Had to get involved in this one. First time ordering from you guys and excited to try the strains out. They all sound delicious!!!! Crane bag for the win.
Yup have also ordered this (unsurprisingly) 😎🤣🤷🏽
Brilliant!….order IN…..can’t wait! 🥰🥳
Druids Magic
It certainly a bit naughty 😇😉
Is RP for role play? If so do I need a wizard hat and a d20 or pvc and handcuffs? As I'm sure you will understand it's awkward if you were to get the two confused for some reason 😌
Druids Magic
Now roll play would be fun especially in a pointy hat! (Mind stop run away with this idea!!!!) 😚

Reserve Personal 😉
Ahhh I see, don't suppose anyone can help with this zip then I have it stuck in my fur and the PVC is starting to chaff 😔
Glad you cleared it up though..I didn’t want to ask in case I looked stupid….Reduced Price?…Really Pukka?…Rice Pudding?…
Druids Magic
Sold out of Pineapple hash
One that should be on the wall in this rabb1ts opinion
7 posts by Druids Magic
Climbing the walls
I have a fan!
And we thank you. Its just such a shame that your kind words about us may have lead to these insults and threats. The LB community has been a lovely…
Hand trimmed Vs Machine trimmed???
For us we all prefer hand trimming, it takes longer yes but just leaving a little leaf protection on the bud to save those crystals hmmm. Another bene…
Grow doing ok?
I'd also suggest topping her. Removing the growing point on the main stem. This will encourage lower side branches production - so more colas.
Ice o lator or water hash
Hi we're a new vendor and have a little dry ice hash in stock if your interested
Growers Advice. LED's?
Just another idea to help the heat issue is keeping your water chilled if your running a dwc or rdwc system. I know I can't keep the tent a steady tem… + 2 more