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"In the age of information, ignorance is no excuse"
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Got banned for asking for lsd
Need oil for ill elderly neighbour
Learnt my lesson 🙄
Best vape pen for dmt?
LSD please
Banned from private messaging but need refund
Oil from buddies really helping elderly neighbour
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Given the Option what season would you hibernate through?
Christmas I can't stand it lol + 2 more
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Whoever the first clown in the uk was to pay 100 quid for an 8th just cos it came in a tuna tin needs a slap + 2 more
Aging is Reversible
What you people listening to? "Tv tells lies to your vision them programmes programme you, traumatik im on a mission my lyrics are so damn true&q…
on  {rap}
best irish rapper?
Jun Tzu
on  {rap}
Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
Lowkey, songs banned in USA raided by mi5 no one can match his word play only guy to do chip in a beef. Too real too intelligent. + 2 more