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Myco Mattic

Small scale grower of high quality Fungi.

Mycellium runnning in organic rye. Mushrooms grown on peat free coir and horse manure.

Postage and Messaging.

I'm security concious, and this isn't my only gig so... I come online at least twice every 24 hours so don't be offended if I don't reply like it's Amazon, it's not. Order and complete payment before midnight and your order will be shipped the following day.


Lemon Tek

Lemon Tek theory is that the acidity of lemons or limes (also pomegranates) breaks down psilocybin to psilocin as would happen in your gut biome meaning you can hit your trip harder and faster. It's also claimed to reduce upset tummies. There's no proof to it, but this is the method.

Lemon Tek Method

1. Grind your mushrooms into a small cup using a peastle and mortar or similar 2. Add the freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons/ 2 limes/ 1 pomegranate 3. Leave to steep for 20 minutes 4. Blast Off

Micro-dose Protocols

Paul Stamets Week
on on on off off off off
James Fadiman Week
on off on off on off off

Tripping Playlist

If you're into that kind of thing Bill Richards PHD and psychologist at John Hopkins Psychedelic Research Centre made a playlist for psilocybin therapy patients.
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10/10 Magic Mushrooms
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10/10 Microdose Month
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10/10 Microdose Month
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10/10 Microdose Month
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10/10 Penis Envy Mushrooms
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10/10 Microdose Month
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Great vendor, with bloody nice shrooms
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Just weed, right?
BBCRadio2 got me trippin.
$10 Trip with MycoMattic
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Confirming orders
Yes. But the vendor doesn't know who's reviewing so if you need them to know, a message would be better.
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Whats going on ?..
Just had an order switch from expired to paid. Placed thursday lunch. Hopefully yours is too.
Essentials, what you got?
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