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Mycelium running in Organic rye grain.
Mushrooms grown on peat free coconut coir, recycled wood shavings and agricultural waste.

Postage and Messaging.

I'm security conscious, and this isn't my only gig so... I come online at least twice every 24 hours Monday through Friday. Please don't be offended if I don't reply immediately, I'm probably growing mushrooms.

Order and complete payment before midnight to guarantee your order will be posted the following day.

I use Royal Mail 1st class which like me still observes weekends and public holidays. Orders from a Friday afternoon will not be collected until Monday afternoon. Bank holidays will take longer.


Lemon Tek

Lemon Tek theory is that the acidity of lemons or limes (also pomegranates) breaks down psilocybin to psilocin as would happen in your gut biome meaning you can hit your trip harder and faster. It's also claimed to reduce upset tummies. There's no proof to it, but this is the method.

Lemon Tek Method

1. Grind your mushrooms into a small cup using a peastle and mortar or similar
2. Add the freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons/ 2 limes/ 1 pomegranate
3. Leave to steep for 20 minutes
4. Blast Off

MicroDose Protocols

Paul Stamets Week

on on on off off off off
James Fadiman Week

on off on off on off off

If you're MycoMattic Stacking you can take your stack at once, or take the psilocybin and lion's mane then add niacin 30-45 minutes later for the flush to more perfectly match the timing of psilocin release.

If you build a tolerance to flushing you lose the niacin benefit, so just take it less often.

Tripping Playlist

If you're into that kind of thing Bill Richards PHD and psychologist at John Hopkins Psychedelic Research Centre made a playlist for psilocybin therapy patients.
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Grown by MycoMattic on organic rye grain, peat free coconut coir and agricultural waste.

I grow for strength not for yield, so microdosers should expect the tingles to start at .1g and even below.

First Class post with Royal Mail is included.
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Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules

The list of benefits people have reported from this product is quite extraordinary. From help combating addiction to deep meditation, from aiding focus and creativity to relieving neuropathic pain.

I can't promise you'll get the same, but if you're interested, you will not find a better quality example.

15 capsule 1 month supply. Take every other day, keep tolerance at bay.

Prepared to order using freshly grown, dried psilocybe cubensis mushrooms crushed and capped to order.


Listing 3 strengths, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. Buy according to size and sensitivity.

Every pack has an extra cap to help you dose. If you're not sure you ordered strong enough, double up one day. If you're not sure what's Psilocybin and what's Niacin, take the extra cap on it's own to check your dose.

Most people seem to start around 100mg
I'm 6'2" and 15 stone 150mg works well for me.

If you want a custom strength no problem, use Chat.

Caps are always Vegan/ Kosher/ Halal.

MycoMattic Magic Stack

To the Magic Mushroom Microdose I add 15x200mg of freshly grown Lion's Mane *shown to have neuroregenerative properties breathing life into previously dormant neurological pathways thereby theoretically allowing psilocybin to travel new / refreshed brain connections.

I also add 15x200mg of flushing niacin *causes the blood vessels to open and carry psilocybin and lion's mane further and deeper into your brain. This allows more active ingredients to permeate the blood brain barrier due to increased mitochondria production.

Stacked or Un-stacked, have it your way!


All fruits are as Organic as magic mushrooms can be, grown within the last 30 days by MycoMattic on organic rye grain, responsibly sourced peat free coconut coir and agricultural waste.

No old stock, no unknowable powders from eBay, no extracts, no imports. Fresh fruitbodies dried, crushed and capped to order.

*No added filler in any capsules
*Niacin is vegan in origin (Solgar brand).
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15 days/caps 100mg MycoMattic Magic Stack $65.00 BTC0.0013663
15 days/caps 150mg MycoMattic Magic Stack $75.00 BTC0.0015765
15 days/caps 200mg MycoMattic Magic Stack $85.00 BTC0.0017867
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