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Baklava "icecream cake"
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Ghost train haze not arrived
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Ghost Train Haze Review
Thank you for the support and I really appreciate it. It's never happened before so you never know... if a random 2g appears and a message explaining … + 3 more
Have I been ripped off??
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Bad experience
Yeah iv bought of hanns many times including 3 days ago and always turned up at top quality;) sorry for your experience but I can deff vouch for Hanns…
NFTs on Blockchain
I have been researching for you guys and will post a list of sites to buy sell and trade NFTs and places to earn free ones. I had a few from kyptomonk… + 2 more
Voting and termination
I love a challange lol. Elon gives me a headache lol!! But I wish I was that smart lol. Algorithm....? + 2 more
Super generous bro and ordered almost as soon as listed as I'm on here looking all the time lol. Can't wait to try and will leave detailed review ;) l… + 2 more
New drop tomorrow! LARRY OG X GSC
Hi buddy just ordered and saw this message. Please message me as soon as this gsc cross is ready. Looks amazing and can see its sold out, gutted I mis… + 2 more
Did it turn up? + 2 more
At last!! Very happy!
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Another disappointed customer
Hi buddy don't lose hope just yet as same thing gappened to me and yet just as I started to think bad stuff it did turn up! Not NDD that I paid for bu…
Another winner!
Awsome bro. I read this and ordered 2 days ago in morning for NDD. Can't wait to check it out when my 14g arrives but it's yet to turn up. Please mess…