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Best weed and stealth to Ireland
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What happened to LB?
They always on here especially towards new vendors
All I know is Nero is a pleasure to deal with and with the comments on the reviews he does reships if there is any problems, for me that was hootans d…
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Any reviews
started topic + 3 more
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Europe based vendors
Greenhoney from Portugal but they offline until July dunno what date sorry
New flower strain added
Fuck ya Nero too many goodies 🤪
Dry Eggs (Hash)
Yum yum
I wouldn't let it get to ya GT your a top vendor with top product your going to get the odd bad review every vendor has the odd bad review, I look out…
Stealth Standard 👍 ?
Why is postage $50 if ya don't mind me asking
What stealth would you like to see in our shop(Sativa, Indica, Hybrid) classic strain, modern, exotic ?
Some kind of cheese strain would be amazing 🥰
Whats Your Favourite Strain ?
Skywalker OG, pink panties and gods green crack
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Who is quickest to ireland?
Cheers dude must try em 👍 + 2 more
Eu best vendors
Try Nero ships from Spain or superhans but he's offline at the moment
New seller on here with white ash goodies.
Really nice looking bud
{buy help}
Ordering from UK to Ireland?
No bother dude, usually takes 7 to 10 day's greenhoney ya hans be the only vendor in UK I'd order from, pink lady ships from Ireland too but only open… + 3 more
Wow!…these oils couldn’t be more different! 😵‍💫
Makes me wanna buy them
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Best diss rap
Eminem, the warning, Mariah Carey Diss