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We are not on the wall at the moment but we are still open for you. We also have a back-up shop open so if you do order from that shop your item will bet sent out as normal.Stay safe you wonderful biggys from the NEW Weed Alliance.
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New stock on its way
A big thanks for the loyalty
Top shake Top service
Cheap decent shake
by  J_t_611
Top class vendor
♡♡Free weed for saturday and Sunday 26/6♡♡
Good budget vendor
Items not showing up on the wall :(
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♡♡♡♡New products coming next week♡♡♡♡
10% top up
Postage info
♡♡♡Free top ups and goodies for using the link♡♡
Thank you biggys ♡♡♡♡♡
Problems with other shop
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Bulk vendors to Asia
Come give us a message.
{buy help}
Vendor Recommendations- Asia
We can send with a decoy.
on  aimhigh
Customs letter!
We have top stealth sir ;)
on  derek65
Looking for strong indica can anyone recommend 👍
We have some nice space monkey in at the moment. + 2 more
on  Viper201
Package seized
Ours is tip top
I'm an established seller and my items have been taken off the wall
We are having the same problem with are items aswell.
We have some nice items in stock at a good price including some space monkey.
Free 1st class signed for
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Free treats
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Hey guys
Come check us out sir
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Still Dre
It's the dre
Free 1st class signed for
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Deals on the OZs
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♡♡Free 1st class signed for♡♡
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♡♡Remember to use the link♡♡
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Cheapest test of weed buying on little biggy?
Come check us out and we do free 1st class signed for on every order :)
Orders and payments INFO NEEDED
We've had the same problem especially when it went over 40k a btc.
Free postage
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♡♡♡Shake for edibles♡♡♡
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♡♡♡All stocked up♡♡♡
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Back in stock but not on the wall
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Item not on the wall at the moment
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♡♡Only $95 a OZ♡♡
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♡♡♡Get it while you can♡♡♡
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♡♡♡♡Back in stock♡♡♡
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Extra pack with this order
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Get as a add on to your order
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Top up with link
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OZ's available
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A big thank you for the review
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♡♡More packs coming soon♡♡
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New product
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Always free postage
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Use the link for a free treat
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New here
Welcome sir
New pics to come
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Add ons
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Free postage (1st class signed for)
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7 packs and 2 tips for $10
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Good price for elements
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Particular vender
If you compose a message you can find the name when writing the sender's name.
Are 'The admin' out there?
Try clean up borg