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Distillate coming through mouthpiece
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Want to try edibles
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{lb help}
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Parcel stuck at depot
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how do we know vapes on LB are legit
Can vouch for Dr Extracts, he also supplies testing, think its called narcocheck, and lab results on his listings.
Appreciation post for the Dr
Totally agree, been buying from the Dr since I joined up here, and their products have made such a positive difference to my life. 💚
Merry Christmas Popeye! thanks for getting my bud to me in time for Christmas ❤️ hope you've had a good one 🙈
Lovely smoke 🍊
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My experience with ukpacks
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New Vape Vendor
Welcome! ❤️ Looking forward to seeing reviews etc on your products and also test results will help you go a long way! I've had banana runtz before a…
CBD cartridges/ e-liquid
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THC vape juice? :)
I need this in my life 🙋
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Best alcoholic drink pairing with weed
A refreshing ice cold white wine 🤤🤤
Paging Long-term cart users
I vape daily for medicinal purposes and I buy from Dr Extracts 99% of the time. I prefer distillate but I also like the GSC live resin for during the …
Hasn’t showed up
Yep got the tracking number and it was sent when RB said it was, 10 days ago now. :( + 4 more
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NDD no show
Yep got the tracking number and it was sent when RB said it was, 10 days ago now so deffo taken me thinks. It isn't RB fault however I'm not going to … + 2 more
Top Notch 👌
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