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Good Edibles Shipping to Europe.
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on  Andy194
Budget hash
Check out Greenhoney they have good hash at a good price.
Fresh Girl Scout Cookies (20% off until 10jan)
I order from the UK to Europe all the time. If you expect delays and fine with paying customs than message the vendor and let them know that you are f…
on  Barr420
within the EU?
Why in Private ...its important to be clarified to avoid custom issues.
Hello any news on Rosin ? just checked your items it's still not listed. Thanks + 2 more
Selective scammer?
Hi, I had a similar case with the same vendor. I am based in Europe so i was expecting delays. However, it took too long as the vendor does not use tr…
{buy help}
How to know every time a new listing appears?
check out GREEN HONEY´S blonde hash ... nice one.
Haxixe available
Molto interessante EU
New Chocolate
Finally a Good EU vendor! Keep it up ....nice products and variety. Can you get some concentrates ?? Thanks Green Honey!!
Any good shake/ budget bud?
check out green honey have great bud on promo.
EU based sellers?
green honey
on  hoqwer
Magic Truffles vs Magic Mushrooms
i tried both...but i can say that i tried some truffles i bought in smart shops in Amsterdam that are very strong , visual, energy and some that we la…