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***KNOWN AS UKBUD check our reviews on our previous account*** ***UK SELLER*** Delivery to UK,no other countries. ***Free delivery*** 50% re ship policy in case package no show in 14 days
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Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavored strain.
No need to introduce this one. Nice quality, well cured. Give it a try.
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Well cured stardawg.
Earthy and diesel taste.
Euphoric, energizing weed, perfect for daytime smoke.
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Brownies infused with our canna butter.
Each slice contains approx 100mg. These brownies are really strong, so start with a half.
If you looking for more than 2000mg in one order than give us enough time by ordering till Wednesday for Friday shipping.
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Noobie, recommended UK sellers
We do 14g and ounces as well Jimbo47 + 2 more
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Different amounts
It's our prices to enter LB again after loosing password to our old account UKBUD. Looking forward to get back on the track. + 2 more
Your choice!!
I enjoy both. I don't see any reason why UK weed couldn't be same quality as Cali import. Well cured uk grown weed is defo cheaper and tasty af.
Unfair review
Can't please everyone mate.
Lost in Blockchain
You're screwed Bobby. Nothing you can do.
on  Nobby73
Do we know the source of our weed?
Hi, old new vendor here. Before known as UKBUD before lost password? All our weed comes from uk. Welcome to check our stock.
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Stealthy packaging
Stealthy and smell proof. No need to worry my friend.
{lb help}
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no id.....11.04.21
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