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Another disappointed customer
This is totally inappropriate and unfair l. My orders from RB always come in good time
13th April jj been taking on hospital.
Anyone heard from JJ but worried I placed an order before all of this and not received
What strains are your favourite?
Love the Dawg family. Purple Dawg, Alien Dawg etc
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Best vendor for NDD?
I was using JJ but also I have just placed an order with RB so fingers crossed there
Some actual decent weed
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What’s happening jj ?
I hope all is well with JJ but I disputed mine through escrow- you don’t want to leave it too long. Don’t understand, his colleague logged in with th…
Quick delivery, good stealth, nice clean smoke!
Good review I am tempted!
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Different amounts
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{lb help}
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How long to wait?
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Unfair review
Shame for you hope you get more reviews and will balance it out