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I am in awe 🤯
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Good documentaries recommendations?
Not brand new but still, unique way to make documentary. full movie also available, engrossing. The Tower. Full : + 2 more
{buy help}
Send coins directly to buyer, can't contact them. Best way to go about it?
You send to Transaxe, they hold it for 16 days to make sure you get your product then they release it to the seller. If you've sent directly to the se… + 2 more
on  {science}
Pfizer’s own documents state adverse reactions can occur to non vaccinated people through touch and inhalation of air fr…
No they don't. As denoted by the word 'IF', they require clinicians to report Adverse Effects or Serious Adverse Effects IF they observe any. That'…
anyone use crypto to buy anything else?
I use Cryptopay and do regular shopping with it.
on  momosa
Hash Rosin ?
Can vouch for his hash oil as a lovely product, but you can taste the alcohol it was made with so if it’s all about the taste… + 2 more
Our Interpretation of the Wonderwall
I dunno but it feels like the most common request here is for more ways to filter what you want, this feels like fewer ways. It will be interesting. + 2 more
Express your opinion about vendors sharing the tracking code
Example A is the reason I hold the opinion I shared, at your request. You've been clear that you think it's a silly / small risk vendors should take… + 3 more
on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Definite era here. Dub Come Save Me.