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I am in awe 🤯
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on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Definite era here. Dub Come Save Me.
Invisible again
Not for you bud, it’s the lies you tell and the manipulation you attempt that got you blacklisted.
Good documentaries recommendations?
Not brand new but still, unique way to make documentary. full movie also available, engrossing. The Tower. Full : + 2 more
{buy help}
Don't Accept 50% Refunds
Only issue I’ve ever had was similar. 3G reship for a 10g order. Escrow paid 50% on top. Hope you get something similar. Leaves the problem that disp…
on  Richy781
Banks getting arsey with wallet transfers
Try a new bank Monzo Fire Starling All quick to set up all happy to interact with coinbase (in my experience). + 4 more
Receiving payment
No worries, I hope you get there. I was waiting on a review about your stealth before I ordered. Best. + 2 more
Absolute con artist
Sorry to hear of any issues but I've bought the best value hash from Hootan 3 times and they all landed fast, heavy and even better than expected. H…
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أفضل خدمة باللغة العربية
Try Hashishin.
canon borg
The little biggy Federation
Was working (August 2021) now isn't for me. Is there another new url?
[VOTE] Dark/light theme
Yes that’s what I imagined. In the demo it’s the biggest button on a tiny cluttered primary menu snug between a bigger menu and your browser tabs. I’… + 2 more
This guy is a selective scammer
Updating to say after singing his praises widely, you are correct. 5 successful landings across this account and my old one then a no show no reship g… + 2 more
Xmas number 1
Budboyz and British Bulldog (BB’s was only the popcorn! And some kush variety of Budboyz ) have sent the best green this year, Hootan’s OG Kush hash h…