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What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
Bathe and watch / listen to a good series. My bath rail has a vape station and iPad groove.
on  Daky
Sprayed weed
Sprayed with what? I’ve got 10 years on you and no idea how your process leads to this conclusion. + 2 more
Best hash available for international shipping?
More praise for Hootan. Also Hashishin for old school hash or something a bit different. I'm waiting on some Hash Oil from him atm.
10 Sample Offers - $10 A Gram!
Best of luck mate, You know thats below a lot of wallets minimum transaction, even after fees and postage. I was tempted, but it comes out at $30 fo…
Dry Herb Vapes
Same same. 2 years clear.
{buy help}
Order not fulfilled - vendor none responsive
Use the Chat button on Transaxe help. You'll need the order ref.
on  jjfury
Sorry access restricted
You need a password. They may be away, or out of stock, or invite only.
Organic Weed UK
Off The Wall FTW UKCannaFarm. Some of the strongest I've had too.
C jm. 123
on  C jm. 123
Whats going on ?..
Is that a recent change of status? If so it may now have been confirmed to the seller. Can you check in blockchain explorer to see if it’s confirmed?… + 2 more
on  bevbevan1
Cbd bud
I just bought from Budbotanist, recommended.
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Don't Accept 50% Refunds
Only issue I’ve ever had was similar. 3G reship for a 10g order. Escrow paid 50% on top. Hope you get something similar. Leaves the problem that disp…
4/20 Hash-oil Promotion
Excellent news. + 2 more