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You are correct your terms do nothing Your selective scamming wont fly here reek + 7 more
What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
Bath eh that explains a lot
The end
started topic
on  wheezebug
Great idea buying drugs straight from coinbase who have all your personal info LoL related to mick no doubt + 2 more
respond to my messages
Old reg did u get ur scran? + 2 more
youre taking the absolute piss.
Did u get ur scran 2day mick junior old reg? + 2 more
on  oldgreg1
send the order!
Old reg ur postin that on ur own page ffs micks really done a number on u
on  oldgreg1
Lay off the wacky backy
Ey up ur deffo a mick character just calm ur bum down an stop spreading skitter ower a bit of scran
sent my order for gods sake
Someones on the blob