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Helter Skelter
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Discreet vape? 💨
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Best couch-glue
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
Big love for Hype’s remix of the Fugee’s classic ❤️
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UK sellers with best stealth
Pistach is the stealth legend 🥷🏻 Top products, top comms 🤙
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Customs Charge ROI
It’s fairly linked to you anyway, it has your name and address on it. In my opinion you would be better off going to collect. Worst case if they have …
"The" best herb vape money can't buy
Rabb1t you truly are a deviant: I love it 🤘 I’m not entirely sure where the end of that pipe is designed to go, it looks like you’re about to lift u…
Just had some of these drop today, stick with one to start with, give it an hour to and hour and a half and see how you feel.
Friday Giveaway! / 2G AMNESIA HAZE
Much respect, big up SMONKEY.