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Dank2000 is the most unreliable seller I have used on Littlebiggy
I’ve used dank or a while, multiple orders and a great selection of very strong weeds. Nice guy always been Courteous professional and a fast service…
Coinbase close down account
Yes coinbase closed me down in April of this year, I’d been with them for 6 years. Madness. I use kraken now
World War III 💁🏻‍♂️
How to keep us fully vaxxed 😂🤡🌎
If you tried this new batch of GDP please add some reviews here. I was pleased with how big and dense the nugs were!
GDP was a lovely bit of bud. Had a few orders fo the gdp the last strain was my favourite. Just ordered the runtz and platinum dawg. A great seller m…
$300 order gone walkies
Yep mines arrived too. Happy days + 2 more
Missing order?
Yeh me too mate, no weed nor much communication ordered 6th December……
Why Cryonics Makes Sense
I wonder if you’re allowed to board a commercial plane wearing a parachute. ‘The parachute and a mask’ I’m just covering all angles. ;)
Black Orchid 1/10 review
What the fuck has that got to do with you mate ? How the hell do you know what I have and haven’t smoked for how long are you that retarded ? It’s not… + 4 more
Any seeds for sale ?
Yes lots. Check my profile…. I can assist you.
Skywalker OG ***fire batch #2
First of all.. my experience is my experience. It won’t be influenced by other weak opinions like yours. Perhaps I know black orchid far better than y… + 3 more