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sex mad
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Avoid hootan
you risked 1000g worth on as you say above a 20 percent chance on landing you got bigger balls than me and deeper pockets. gutted for you shame you ne… + 2 more
What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
dont wabt to be crude but stoned sex is very good not being sleazy just telling the truth
Easing of lockdown restrictions
sitting inside favourite italian restautant eating and drinking like no tomorrow
13 consecutive 10/10 reviews!!! As we promised! Improvement in all areas
well done credit where due i didnt buy or review but im tempted now big up
how do we know vapes on LB are legit
mj and serial killer labs carts are fire say no to drugs the grail but longer postage time heavy hitters is what it says on tin
Next cart
awesome isnt it mad 5 long drags and ur high
Shatter capsules update
not raising price as knows people medicinslly using hats off to you respect. if i knew you id sort u good drink.
#9 Make A Meme Make A Million
blimey isnt this meant to be light hearted weed conversations theres enough going on in world but seen as u feel so strongly anout child poverty check…
Check your shake for plastic
what is it ?
Purple punch cart
phew same here
A guy called Super Hans❤️
ha ha ha ha thanks for the pleasure imagine u said that to street dealer jesus that made me laugh sorry but it is funny
Latest Hans strain review - the fantastic four!!
and is constantly eating olives
on  loosefit
is loose fit
started topic + 2 more
on  Apexskunk
"Cali" weed help
i agree u have had shit cali no.better im fact worse than average uk bud but then had proper proper cali and was amazing. its not thst expensive as la… + 2 more
Bonneville Membership ??
maybe even first month reduved or a free gift to earn trust get the community talking + 2 more
Absolute Joke!
gentmemen have been 100 percent next day if in before timesale cast iron guarantee