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Dreamachine - free transcendental, psychedelic experiences
Postal strike July-August???
legalisation edges closer...
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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
RM 1st class
06/10 - post around here has been screwed for the past month at least. We only get 1 non-tracked delivery a week (if we're lucky). Spoke with my pos…
Old school landrace strain drop
2nd vote for Orange Sherbert (everyone I shared it with fell in love), but also keen to see what else you can do with a sativa. Will be lurking around…
on  hank
Royal Mail are a disgrace. Anyone using another courier to ship yet?
We're currently getting less than 1 delivery/week here. Got 3 orders - and all my other mail - backed up at my sorting office, and cant get my hands o…
Which vaporizer is best for Hash?
Amazingly, it arrived this morning (was due tomorrow). And, RM have just restarted deliveries here - we’ve only had 1 in the past fortnight - so 3 ord… + 9 more
Liberty caps
me too! very partial to liberty caps
Indian Charas
I am always hunting for decent indian charas. Would be very interested too
They've always sent my orders in individual packages - even when they're below 14g. My post is screwed and arriving totally randomly at the moment - 2… + 2 more
on  Kiltman
Funny Scoring stories
In Ghana, they sell weed already cleaned and ground, wrapped in a rizla so you just unwrap it, roll it and smoke it. Many years ago, we were staying… + 2 more