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Liberty caps
me too! very partial to liberty caps
on  Johnyboy
Rogue seller Drugs Inc UK
their responses can take a while, but they've always come good for me when there's been an issue with an order
My postie fucking rocks.
Our sorting office can be pretty disorganised when our usual postie isn't working. When she took some annual leave recently she gave me her personal p…
No order recieved for 2 weeks
Seems like they're having some issues atm. Had some issues with a recent delivery, and my messages chasing this up are also going unread. Can see they…
why are you ignoring my messages
Fully agreed on Northern Organics. I've had some amazing weed from them - at a total bargain price - and it always lands in under 24 hrs, for free. Al…
Soooo good
hear hear - it's delicious
on  carverr
RSO works wonders for me. I can usually fall asleep fine, but, especially if dealing with work stress, often wake up 4,5 or 6 am with a racing mind an…
How long does refund borg normally take?
mine took 3-4 days, earlier this month (04/22). I got a message here confirming it had taken place, and it was a smooth process, despite my anxieties …
on  Zigbull!
Glastonbury Weed!
I second this. Northern Organic's weed is excellent - proper artisan growers - well cured, loads of bag appeal and a clean, clear, long lasting high. …
Looking for charas
I get the concern, but Hashishin has some of the best stealth on here - he really goes above and beyond. Have a read of his reviews/topics if you're e… + 2 more
on  Adired
Hash recommendations!!
Drugs Inc UK have some good choices atm. Their Super Super Polm, Abdul Karim and Riffman Gold are all lovely - Riffman is the more oily, Polm more flu…
Anyone heard from hans?
Just had a message from Hans about my order (that arrived last week). Seems like it was an automated message though as his profile shows he's not logg… + 4 more
on  aimhigh
I second DIUK's RSO. Works wonders for me for sleep, pain and mood - while also delivering a lovely, warm buzz. Haven't tried Oilman's RSO though so c…