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Wax and shatter... do I eat them?
Enjoying the sweets on offer, but wondering about shatter and wax, do I just eat the stuff...?
British Bulldog
I guess you could in theory but no, you're meant to smoke it using a dab rig. I've linked you to the types of setup you need above although I'm pretty sure you can buy cheap kits that just fit onto standard bongs.

Pretty sure you can vape it too but that's not my thing so can't comment.

Cheers BB
Thanks, just as well I asked...
They're both very tasty to vape or smoke, so it's a shame to eat it, but it will work.
Last summer I munched on some shatter and I was high as kite.
Can be vaped in the right setup. I use a dynavap with a coil, but it's not the potency you get from a dab rig. I've read some pretty intense reports on that.

Vaping shatter is like the tastiest weed hit with a mild side order of poppers. Vaping wax or oil is quite similar to vaping resin but more efficient.
Nah, you don't wanna eat that as it lacks the cbd required for a stable high. You could eat it, but it would just feel a bit too intense to be enjoyable. Of course, if you have access to some cbd drops you could take them at the same time to level things out and have a much nicer experience. If you want to know about using shatter in a vape pen send me a pm
Only if you decarboxyilated it first