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Shatter Testing Qs
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Potency testing?
Over the past year we have been testing different variations of weed (flower, hash, wax, rosin etc), for cannabinoids concentration (THC, CBD, CBN), with what started as handheld machines and has now been upgraded to a gas chromatograph (GC-FID). What I can say is, a chromatograph is an instrument while these (not all) handheld machines seem to be devices, which aren't as accurate. There is a stage higher that is a Liquid Chromatograph (LC) which is more accurate, though we want to test for terpenes so GC is better suited.
It would be great to share my findings with the great LB peeps. Typical readings were:

Flower - 8-21%
Water Hash - 30-50%
Dry Sift Hash - 24-40%
Rosin & Resin - 50-80%
Oil (CBD) - 93%

Any questions or interest would be willing to help and share.
Gas Chromatograph setup
Triple cannabinoids standard (Sigma-Aldrich)
Different types extracted in methanol.
Left to Right: Imported Rosin, StarDawg flower, ISO Rosin (1st wash), ISO Rosin (2nd wash), Runtz Flower, Mac 1 Bubble Hash.
Just curious here , have you a qualified Science background ? .
I have just finalised the license for a 6000m^2 cultivation facility located in Europe , for the production of high THC Medical cannabis. The place won't be finished until end of August/September though . Send a DM if interested.
Just background in physics, biology chemistry and biomedical science, but wouldn't say I'm qualified. Now that I have a live example of what to apply my knowledge to, I'm like 'what did that teacher say again?..!'
It is still a learning curve and this seems the best place to share findings and data, for all the awesome Biggaz who are interested, feel free to DM any questions I'll share what I know :)
awesome, can your testing shed any light on purity for edibles and the like?
Thank you, it can test for an amount of a compound, provided it can be extracted via solvent and turned into a gas.
Edibles have alot of compounds that aren't volatile, which can interfere with extracting and detecting the compounds of intersest.
It would be easier to test what is going into the edibles and estimate per piece its potency, assuming it was mixed uniformly.
star lads
What is the best way to test edibles ?
Flash chromatography, where you freeze the edible, pulverise, dissolve in solvent and put through a glass tube (column) with high pressure air, through a sieve of sorts (silica, sand etc) and this separates the cannabinoids from the sugars, fats etc in the edibles.
The separated mixture can then be tested in a GC or LC, with much more accurate results.
star lads
thanks, any idea where i can get this done?
Depends where u’re located and if labs ( if any) are local . Might not be able to ship Int’l for testing .
We are looking into it. In the uk any CBD manufacturer would be able to do it, as it is a similar process to separate the CBD from concentrate.
I hope the test borg sees this, could be a real game changer for biggaz.

While potency data is great and very much appreciated, terpine profiles and individual tastes are always going to be the bottom line,

Pesticides and synthetic cannabis are a binary and can be the difference between life and death.
Thank you! With chromatography alot of light can be shed on the quantity of a compound (quantification), and the identification of a compound (qualification).

With terpine profiles, which we are beginning to notice a more prominent uniqueness across different strains, the identification of strains might be possible based on chemical signatures alone, without the need of dna profiling.

The sample prep is a bit more complex for terpenes so will need to be a separate test.

In the uk there are only a few pesticides used, as mostly there are indoor grows.
A chromatograph can be calibrated for any volatile compound, with a reference chemical standard, of known concentration. We acquire standards from sigma-Aldrich and Restek.
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