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Fees while using bitcoin exchanges
Hi fellow bloggers I have seen a few topics regarding fees and some people are paying crazy amounts. I was myself but now after spending £140 each time I buy on lb I have found that if I use coinbase at the most I get charged is £6 to change my money to bitcoin then never anymore than £2. I hope this may help some people as the first few times I was paying 30/40 pound more using other bitcoin exchanges. 👍
by  derek65
Looking for strong indica can anyone recommend 👍
by  derek65
White widow
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Human Traffic (The Film)
Wow one of the best films of the nineties takes me back. Spot on film the good old days lol. + 2 more
So glad these are back!
Thanks mate I'll keep that in mind so I can give it a try thanks again. + 3 more
Monday Giveaway! 2 Grams Cheese Free
I like cheese 😃😃😃 + 2 more
Anyone care for some sweet medicated honey?
I will do thanks Mercedes I'll message you and let you know when I'm buying thanks. + 2 more