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The Outlaw Kitchen
joined may 2021
Welcome to The Outlaw Kitchen!

Specialists in providing a cocktail of fun food and great times combined into one huge life party! Because Livin’ Safe is just Dyin’ slow!

Our sole purpose is to spread some love, good vibes and positive energy whilst being busy at work putting the HIGH into fine dining! All of this goes into everything we prepare and we hope you feel it in every one of our tasty treats!

Starting as a couple of friends who love to cook and love to blaze we decided to start messing around with Cannabis edibles for fun. Soon we were asked to infuse party food for friends and family for special occasions and then without any pre-planning and definitely without intention our little Outlaw catering business took off and so started The Outlaw Kitchen!

As a discreet mail order food vendor we are slightly limited as to what we can offer your tastebuds compared to physically catering for you but we aim to create some serious stoned food fun for you!
Sweets and treats will be a regular item but our passion is in Street Food, savoury snacks, sauces, dips, fun food and proper grub!

There are 5 things that bring humankind together. In a world that constantly seems to be at loggerheads we feel now is the time to bring that togetherness back to as many people as we can: 1. Great Food, 2. Great Music, 3. Great Smoke, 4. Great Drinks and 5. Great Company.

Simple Ingredients that have been used for millennia to celebrate or commiserate and to bring communities, even civilisations together! Society seems to be losing its way a little and losing touch with what really matters.
So come try some of our Ganja Grub, grab a fatty, grab a cold one, grab all of your nearest and dearest, grab your neighbours grab your dogs put your favourite tunes on and blast them out!

Go forth, live life, love life and make it the wildest, craziest party it’s meant to be!

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The Outlaw Kitchen
Welcome to The Outlaw Kitchen!
We’re just a rowdy bunch of fun lovin’ Outlawz!

Here to spread the love, laughter and good times through great food and positive vibez!

We are a brand new vendor on LittleBiggy and so we will be offering some reduced price snacks to start with once we have established ourselves properly on here. This will hopefully give you a feel for our Outlaw Kitchen!

Once we know you are satisfied and we have a better understanding as to the edible scene here on LittleBiggy we then aim to provide you with infused snacks and infused ingredients for you to use in your own home cooking and we ultimately aim to provide you with infused street food style meal and party packs complete with cooking instructions for you to cook up a quick, incredibly tasty and rather stoney street food meal for yourself or for yourself and others! The sort of pack that is perfect for a weekend treat and for guaranteed relaxation!

We do not just cater for recreational users we also provide infused items for medicinal use too. So any customers with specific medicinal requirements please don’t hesitate to PM us, we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.
We have family members ourselves who specifically use cannabis for medicinal purposes and so not only do we understand the absolute importance of this wonderful medicine but we have experience and knowledge to put to use in that department.

An example of some of the items we are hoping to bring to LittleBiggy are infused spice mixes, infused sauces, Infused crisps/potato chips, Infused energy bars, infused fajita wraps, Infused Pizza bases, Infused cooking oils, infused butters and so on as well as offering a more bespoke service for customers who may have an event or party coming up that requires a more specific type of treat!

We aren’t exactly limited in what we can produce for you but we are limited as to what we can sensibly send out in the post!

Most items that we offer will be listed on the day of cooking where they are a preservable item. For more specialist edibles we will list them ‘to be cooked to order’ which will be displayed in the item description – (When our first items are ready we will add a seperate 'terms and postage' topic for more info)

Keep your eyes on our page for all new listings.
As a kickstarter we will be listing some infused chocolate chunk Cookies very soon!

In the meantime Biggaz – Please provide us with any ideas of edible items you’ve tried and loved or that you’d love to see listed!
Whether it be plain and simple, weird and wonderful, whacky and wild – Whatever it is we’ll see if there is any way that we can add it to the menu for you!
A product i wish, well, i really like hot souces. So a small bottle, Tabasco like, easy dosage, will be perfect. Not so hot so everybody can try but for one person three drops will make u The Dude, five will bring out The Buddha and after six drops Lord have mercy. Good luck with your endeavour you guyz!!! …. and the menu pls! :)
The Outlaw Kitchen
Thank you very much for your comments. It adds to an already very positive experience here on lb.

: D We love hot!!
Tobasco’s, hot sauces any food that focuses on fiery heat we absolutely adore!
So we will definitely be looking at listing some infused hot sauces.
Saved me posting the same request!
Wow, sounds really interesting. Definitely a new type of businesses model on here. Think it should work well for you. Good luck on your LB journey
The Outlaw Kitchen
Cheers for the positive vibes Juice!
Sounds amazing guys!- welcome to LB and good luck :)
The Outlaw Kitchen
Thank you! Much appreciated!
Stoner spread perhaps ? Some made from scratch Nutella kinda spread that gets you hammered . One sweet and one savory type please
That sounds tasty
Wow well you certainly have our curiosity! Wishing you a very warm welcome to LB - very much intrigued to say the least :) this sounds great! If you have any questions or need any advice feel free to give us a shout, cant wait to see some products, reviews and to try something! Good luck, wishing you all the best The Outlaw Kitchen and as always - keep smoking the best and stay high! NugNinjaZ
The Outlaw Kitchen
Thanks! Let’s see what we can bring to the table, so to speak!

And thank you very much - we’ll keep that in mind : D
As, primarily, a medicinal user, this sounds awesome :)

I look forward to hearing more from you!

Peace and Love xx
The Outlaw Kitchen
Thank you very much.

Please feel free to pm us if you do have any specific requirements or questions. We will do our very best to accommodate.