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New Stock Alert! 14/10/21
Looking forward to trying these 😁
Hattan exotics Tropicana Bannana
Your not the only one, I ordered this and also the mai tai. The banana tastes and smells like dead grass. Luckily the mai tai is actually quite nice. …
Indica Vs. Sativa - is it all BS?
Interesting post, I have been thinking the same myself recently. Been smoking 20 years and I have always seeked out indicas as I preferred the couch l…
Best stealth on LB
British bulldog has the best stealth I have seen, a step above everyone else I have tried even the good ones
Little giveaway! X 3
I would love to try some, happy to leave an honest review
Why would you not want to prevent a dispute?
started topic
Best Carts?
I found Doctor extracts really good, and great seller to deal with + 2 more