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Irish customs
Got stuff from hashishin last week,so ordered off DIUK twice last week first one received today so stuff is getting through happy days 20/09/21 hashis…
DIUK are the best vendor on LB for Irish consumers..... discuss...
Have to say DIUK are getting through not here long myself but have had 4 out of 5 carts rso and a bag of edibles all get through ordered 7g of hash la… + 2 more
Anybody getting anything through these days
Got 4 out of 5 carts in from DUI great stealth but I know it’s not weed/hash
Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
Lads ordered 28g of dust/weed off pistach 2.5weeks ago one may of been seized but got the other in this mornings post happy days and stealth was great… + 3 more
1.2g Pure Cannabis Pre Rolls
Are your prices right Noot as 10 is the same price as 15 and two 5’s is cheaper than 10