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Puffco pro
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Fake review alert :)
Ive had the twisted citrus and was really happy with it. It's a really nice bit of bud and nothing like lemon.
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Cart Recommendation
say no to drugs at the bottom of the page best carts by far
What's your pick Skint / Flush / Money no object
Most orders from him take about a week my last order was 4 days
New U.K. antibiotic vendor
Antibiotics have been listed on this site for years what's the harm ? + 2 more
Anyone using a fake name for delivery?
It says you joined in 2020 have you not placed an order in that time or is this an old post
It doesn't look like the highest quality indoor in that photo and where is the lab tests for your shatter ?
Biggas, whats your preferred method of consumption? 🤔
Get a mighty or the new tiny might fill it rite up and get yourself a puffco peak pro that's all you need. 😉
buyers don't really take any notice its obviously a tactic to get your ratings down
{buy help}
Bitcoin wallets recommended and help for newb
Coinomi is a good one I've never had a problem and low fees, also if you have a problem there quick to help.
What do you guys want next :)
Gotta say your menu is looking impressive + 2 more