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Puffco pro
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Item Rankings?
Yeh the old rave days 😊 + 2 more
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Not all cali claims are fake I bought this cart with tracking from California + 2 more
Lets see what people think 👀
Nice one
If its a fortnight get your money back before its too late
on  ambm
Posting from UK to Turkey
I was thinking the same for when I go away there are vendors which post abroad sn2d posts from America can get there in 3 days + 2 more
We've gone Lemon crazy here!
looks delicious
Rosin Hunt 🔎
Cheers I've never seen any rosin on here + 2 more
on  {bitcoin}
Buying bitcoin wihout having to phone the bank?
Sending straight from coinbase is a bit dodgy unless your doing it from a coinbase wallet but that's on an app.
Is Bitcoin Dying Out?
Too late now mate hang on to them, might be a while now though even years before it goes back up. It could be an opportunity to buy a bitcoin. + 2 more
We're back people 😈
Isn't it pronounced cookie dawg 🤔
Weirdest Cannabis Strain Names!
Cheetah piss