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A friend of mine has asked me to order him some edibles preferably sweets, he doesn't smoke or vape, anyone got any recommendations please.
Hi, read deal I think has some quite light nerd ropes at the moment that maybe for a first time. I do have one but tried it yet. I solely take edibles now. Northern organics have listed 5mg caps you get 22 for $20. I have beentaking the 10mg version and they really hit home! Maddabber has flav peach rings which are good. It's trial and error really. Just don't take too much to start, you can't uptake them! Maybe have some CBD and black pepper onhand in case of emergencies!
Thanks for the mention mate, we're actually all out of Peach Rings, but we still have the Ropes in stock!

Here's the link:
I'm just ordering one now mate thanks
Cheers mate!

I'll get it out as soon as I can.

Thanks mate I'll take a look. Black pepper I've done that a few times 😂
It does help, lemon does as well, I think it's a terpene thing? Don't get me wrong it's not as good as diazepam and lsd/dmt/mushrooms, but does help. I have spent many an hour years ago trying to calm mates on Acid using orange juice as a placebo! ( 1980's so not a recent reference).
I think it does take your mind of it. I don't do edibles anymore I can handle large dabs but for some reason edibles are just too strong. My acid days finished about 30 years ago wouldn't go back there.
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Puffco pro
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Item Rankings?
Yeh the old rave days 😊 + 2 more
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Not all cali claims are fake I bought this cart with tracking from California + 2 more
Lets see what people think 👀
Nice one
If its a fortnight get your money back before its too late
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Posting from UK to Turkey
I was thinking the same for when I go away there are vendors which post abroad sn2d posts from America can get there in 3 days + 2 more
We've gone Lemon crazy here!
looks delicious
Rosin Hunt 🔎
Cheers I've never seen any rosin on here + 2 more
on  {bitcoin}
Buying bitcoin wihout having to phone the bank?
Sending straight from coinbase is a bit dodgy unless your doing it from a coinbase wallet but that's on an app.
Is Bitcoin Dying Out?
Too late now mate hang on to them, might be a while now though even years before it goes back up. It could be an opportunity to buy a bitcoin. + 2 more
We're back people 😈
Isn't it pronounced cookie dawg 🤔
Weirdest Cannabis Strain Names!
Cheetah piss