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Vape Carts
Delivery notice
Peanut butter
Back to it!
Mistakes are made!
Everything on pause for one week
Peanut butter and pineapple Kush
$175 down with bud boyz
Pineapple paused
Receiving payment
1Off offer!!
Take a chance with this pineapple Kush!!
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Pink OG
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Green cat
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Yeah so I meant to review and take some sexy photos of my sample pack...
Pistach came through
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Get in touch
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First review
Hi just letting you know my iteams are on hold for a week as I’ve got to self isolate,because I’m going in hospital for a operation! Thanks + 2 more
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Bud sizes
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Receiving payment
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$300 order gone walkies
They’ve just sent me out an order after I made a mistake and ordered while not logged in. Took a week but they did resolve it!
$175 issue resolved
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$175 down with bud boyz
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Process of mixing
Wax liquiizer really good and easy and u can order terpenoids separately if you want
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Sugar crumble landed. 10/10
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