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by  PieBoy
Hash Vape?
by  brakefast
anyone use crypto to buy anything else?
by  Tenpester
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
by  richnard
dubai doobies?
gonna be there for a while and i've heard some paranoid shit.
will i be ok ordering to a condo?

thanks my biggaz
Mate I would not risk it in Dubai. Seriously if you can't go without don't go. They don't mess about with cautions, are highly suspicious and people will grass you up without a second thought. Don't risk decades in jail just for a smoke. Personally I don't go anywhere I can't smoke reasonably safely or a quick bribe won't get you of trouble.
That would be a crazy idea imo. that part of the world has very strict laws.
If you really really must id check on their law for vaping and have some carts sent
Even then i wouldnt, you can get jailed just for kissing your partner in public lol
Shhesh. You're brave. I worked there for 3 years. The only thing I dare do out there was a local smoke but it wasn't cannabis. While I was out there an American was arrested a jailed for smoking a joint BEFORE getting on the plane to fly to Dubai. Cannabis in his blood was enough to arrest his for possession.
go with edibles made from concentrates and a top stealth seller
by  1620
does stiffness travel through muscles?
by  brakefast
what does meta mask do?
by  coldspurs
what do you think of cryptomator?
by  lilkim
how do they dig people out of debris?