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Terp monster!

Very unique flavour with this strain, very moreish. U know me now i love the flavours.

Sedative type high, makes you sleepy if smoking too much.
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Really nice super lemon haze, very flavourful with a uplifting haze high, you can feel it on the eyes

Tastes like lemon and bubblegum
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Genuine backpack boyz import cali *no cannaverify*

Got 4 of these packs 3.5g each, as you can see from the pics its a beauty, heavy smoke with berry aromas and taste, as expected.. also gets you blasted lol.

You can tell it is legit as soon as you open the pack, real deep hitting aromas. Delicious!

Lets see how it goes on here and i can get more! This is 10/10

All sent free via rm special delivery by 1pm with tracking
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8.9/10   25+ sales   5.71% disputed
1/10 Super lemon haze
reviewed 7 days ago   took 30 days to arrive
10/10 Grandaddy purple
reviewed 9 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
9/10 Orange cookies
reviewed 10 days ago   took 30 days to arrive
9/10 Super lemon haze
reviewed 10 days ago   took 30 days to arrive
1/10 Super lemon haze
reviewed 16 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 Orange cookies
reviewed 17 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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by  PieBoy
Biggas Beware the Red Door
“Came to find a few seeds in it” What a load of bull
Pink alien, terp monster!
RedDoor2.0 Pink alien in stock, crazy terps
Gonna start doing RM special delivery by 1pm in future, cheaper buds on the way
Back with some normal priced bud soon
Weed for the flavour chasers
You lot have emptied me already lol😂 back friday
Orange cookies
Super lemon haze
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on  derek65
Looking for strong indica can anyone recommend 👍
Hi derek ive got some pink alien just come in, very sedative indica type effects id say. Nice and terpy too u might like it.
Pink alien
on  Pink alien
Not sure why it was deleted but all samples are on the way🚀
started topic
Grandaddy purple, another for the flavour chasers
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on  Jaybird
Sativa Recommendations
Hi i have some orange cookies for sale ,it is 60/40 indica/sativa but it feels like a well balanced 50/50. + 2 more
Backpack Boyz - White bubblegum gelato - Free ROYAL MAIL Special NDD By 1PM
started topic + 2 more
Not my review but a more detailed description and similar pictures
started topic
I really like honest descriptions and pictures
Buzzing to see you like it bro
World's worst review
Cant be bad if you are too stoned to review🤣 thanks again mate
Newb here orange cookies and super lemon haze $12 per gram
started topic
Looks fire that
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What's Your Favourite Cuisine?
Cant beat a good indian lol