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Hello welcome to my page.

I have been on little biggy a while. But an new seller.
You can expect to see cared for products of a high standard, Of rare/niche varieties.

Cut Off Times..
Monday-Friday 15:00 GMT.
Any orders after will be sent the next day.
I still may be able to ship out later than 15:00 but next day is not 100%.
Or Monday if ordered over the weekend.

Please check when sending information that details are correct.

Please provide Full Name or else a fake name will be used.

Please message for any & all questions.

Thank you for looking, Have an awesome day :).
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Bubble Hash Returns
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Why can't I find harder shit on little biggy?
What you looking for crack? H?
Complete waste of time horrible vendor!!!!
Whys it take so long. I think some vendors have products up they don't even have in stock yet. hence the long shipping times
Ice o lator or water hash
I got some temple balls aging at the mo, Made frenchy style
on  24601
was moses high?
Probably the bush that was burning was a Hallucinogenic
on  Rastaman
UK Vendors should be made to get their products tested this would show who to buy from and who to stay away from and it …
I'd love to get mine tested, Would prob boost sales. haha
Best vape options for hash
Have you seen hash pipes? Where the holes are round the top of the bowl and not the bottom? I was thinking of getting one of them + 2 more