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Akira Kurusawa movies and Cannabis
how does a bitcoin atm work?
assuming you are buying the main thing to know is have a receiving address in hand before you start. this can be your order address or a wallet you co…
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
live by the mercenary die by the mercenary
Video Makers Wanted
1 how much for the comparison of Decentraliized Video Sites? 2 would you pay for a treatment or script? i like research and writing but video editing … + 2 more
Stoned robot?
does that little bit of traffic light count? seems silly to click a whole square for it. hmm what would a machine do
governments take out smart contracts on people
violence and pilgrimage are the only ways that work at this stage. pilgrimage is more sustainable.
Who is the highest bigga Right Now?
i dont know about right now but 20 minutes ago: me :)
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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
1/2 the other candidates wouldnt have existed without Dizzee
Nuclear Weapons
this is a good analogy and it points to the hopelessness of the situation. matches are only getting cheaper.
When It’s Too Late To Stop Fascism
they have been here all along :)
anyone use crypto to buy anything else?
started topic
Paging Long-term cart users
Long term it's essential to hedge your bets
PM Calls for Strict Privacy
weve gone from kings to algorithms
how 2 control kids use of little biggy
the best way to reach a teenager is to message them in class
Hip Hop's Crush on Crypto
hip hop's too old to have crushes ;)
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Worst song ever? And why... GO!
whats the story on this? + 3 more