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What would your plan be?
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Prepping for the coming months
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How/Where do you store your bud?
Can’t beat a jam jar in a shoe box in a drawer, mine being my office drawer so it’s my domain. For extra security I’ve got a smart contact sensor on …
on  [music]
Love - Forever Changes
One of my all time favourites. I was fortunate enough to see Arthur Lee play play the album in full in Liverpool about 20 years ago. I might have been… + 3 more
1/10 review please read this we can rehsip your order
Another upvote here! I had my first LB no show recently and it was from the Doc. I’ve ordered a few carts before and had no issue. True to the words w…
on  carverr
I’ll second giving this a go- the wife has seen the benefit of CBD for her sleeping and, while I like my THC, when I pinch one of her sweets I notice …
T-break Tips?
I’m off to Turkey in 4 days and as it’s a family holiday I’m taking the opportunity for a break. I don’t use a lot but I’ve been daily for a while. S… + 6 more
Apologies to the 8/10 for the less than ideal experience
The fact that you’ve acknowledged it, apologised and fixed the issue so quickly speaks volumes around the type of vendor you are. I’ve not purchased …
Wow!…these oils couldn’t be more different! 😵‍💫
That’s another item added to the wish list. Nice one polly 😂
on  Sol
Smoking weed aids spiritual growth/awareness? Anyone?
Defo agree with this!! Mental health challenges over the last 12 months have made me stop, reflect and really open my mind to appreciate everything ar… + 2 more