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Prepping for the coming months
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What would your plan be?
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on  sam508
I was intrigued when I saw this on the menu t’other day and reading that has only increased that intrigue. I do love an edible high and the way you d…
Dreamachine - free transcendental, psychedelic experiences
Check these guys out…
What Brought You To Biggy?
I’m similar to many others here- used to smoke but stopped some years ago. I’ve recently returned via a local connection but would like the option of …
Wow!…these oils couldn’t be more different! 😵‍💫
That’s another item added to the wish list. Nice one polly 😂
Cooking with Druid’s rosin
Note before you read on, I have no experience with rosin. When I decarb flower I do it at 110 for 45-55 minutes so not too far off. Some say it’s bes…
on  carverr
I’ll second giving this a go- the wife has seen the benefit of CBD for her sleeping and, while I like my THC, when I pinch one of her sweets I notice …
Happy 420 Biggas! 🤩 (although LB seems very muted!)
I thought that too but this seems to have got some traction. I’ve had a couple of bowls of mimosa this afternoon which I’ve enjoyed. I’ll not be goin…
Mushroom Chocolates 🍄🍫
Interesting…. How intense a high would these induce for a complete shroom novice?