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share wework4crypto and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Video Makers Wanted
We have lots of work for how2 videos around the cryptpoverse.

Currently producing:
Comparing Exchanges and Wallets
How to Use littlebiggy and Transaxe
Comparing Decentraliized Video Sites

Please start a chat to introduce yourself.
No wish to sidetrack, but does LB support decentralised video sites now? I have content but no way to post it.
You can post it as a link but it wont play inline like youtube. We should start an initiative on this!
very interested! Current working professional across music, automotive and broadcast.
1 how much for the comparison of Decentraliized Video Sites?
2 would you pay for a treatment or script? i like research and writing but video editing is painful for me
i can do this to your liking, what is the pay like?
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what's left libertarianism?
Here's a shot: true liberty results in the destruction of capitalism.
satoshi is an ai from the future
an alien
on  RobReb
Anyone on here experienced with Reference Codes?
you can link to any topic on here - science, politics, jokes, whatever. so the links can be made acceptable to any sub. + 2 more