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Avoid The Gentlemen’s Dealers
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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
He’s downvoting ALL of my comments. TDG is salty and a scammer LOL + 4 more
No one can find us:( please help
mate I really hope this gets fixed asap because I depend on you for the vapes big time...need it for medicinal pain relief plus it's damn good quality…
Notice of withdrawal from public discourse.
Yes, because you are liars and have done this to multiple people. You sell FAKE WEED bro — stop being such a liar. Horrible. It’s one thing to be ig… + 4 more
Fake Cali packs
Thank you!! These clowns know zero about anything weed related lol. + 26 more
{buy help}
Don't Accept 50% Refunds
how do you dispute if they sent you something else? He advertised Cali and sent bunk UK haze thats not even good haze. How can I dispute that?
Buyer beware *Cali fake alert*
Hey TDG— I did everything you asked me to do. Then Escrow Suisse showed me what you wrote them! You said to me to message them and say you agree to a… + 24 more