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Avoid The Gentlemen’s Dealers
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Fake Cali packs
Thank you!! These clowns know zero about anything weed related lol. + 23 more
Notice of withdrawal from public discourse.
Flat out admitting you’re not trustworthy. If you can change your mind if you want to, then clearly you have no issue selling fake weed. + 4 more
RB is scamming sent all of us the same tracking number
The guy scammed multiple people and your defending him and you’ve been called out by other people for being the side account. You’re a piece of shit a… + 4 more
Buyer beware *Cali fake alert*
Hey TDG— I did everything you asked me to do. Then Escrow Suisse showed me what you wrote them! You said to me to message them and say you agree to a… + 24 more