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Delta-9 THC oral swab
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510 battery
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What do people smoke with flower?
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Eindhoven coffee shops
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Vape carts Vs Airport security?
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Dry Herb Vape Advice
Absolutely correct about the battery life of the tinymight. I guess that’s the payoff of the big hits + 2 more
on  FredsDad
UK sellers with best stealth
Dunno how old this is but both Pistach and Canadian Imports have excellent stealth, also from experience
Trustworthy seller
Fair play mate, you seem to be doing well here, good luck to you + 2 more
on  Mcfly369
Recommends please😁
Get yourself 10 buys before British Bulldog lists the next grow is what I would recommend
on  klondyke
A hard week without medicine
Hi there, I had 1/2 land today. Last order both packages with 1/2oz each arrived same day so I’ll give it a few days before starting to worry. Insuran… + 3 more
Stealth for holidays
Cart in your wash bag and battery in your carry on as cabin pressure can make carts leak
beat this beat bigga
Missed this! Great shout
First time fizzy bottle edibles
Two flattened me out nicely. Two also completely wrecked my friend who had a tough couple of hours
Stealth Upgrade
‘Bulldog Territory’ 😂 If you know you know
Super Hans review - mixed shake
Wait, he’s selling THAT as shake 😮
Dodgy Customer
Hey BB, You need to check your scales, every order from you is overweight + 2 more