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how to search
If you’re on an iPhone when on the main items page, you can type in what you’re looking for in the website address bar, try to keep it limited to one …
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Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
Without preserving history there would be no culture, no community, nothing to bond over, we’d just be people on an island living together with no pas…
Not getting married.. But orderd some Wedding Cake.
I’ve also ordered on referral from DB 😉 although I’m sure neither one of you have anything to worry about, it looks incredible 🤤😍
Is it better to go off the wall and become a private page?
Just like to say, I am probably one of those scandalous customers, but I’m not trying to tarnish your name, I am just trying to get my product. if y…
Finally sorted my order
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No reply from vendor.. I wanna know when I will get my stuff I just paid for. LSG
She’s replying now mate 👍🏻
Frustrated with low/no replies
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Please PM me if you ordered the NFPOTM STRAIN
Ordered and still waiting, could you send me my tracking details please.
Logged out when order was made
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