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Message me if you need shrooms in the US. These beauties are called mazapetac. Penis envy and amazonian also available..freshly dried direct from grow… + 4 more
Best Mushrooms on LB?
I have killer Penis Envy and Amazonian shrooms. I only ship within US for now. I will ship internationally my soon to be listed microdose capsules. … + 3 more
lazy twats with talent
I am interested in earning free crypto. What projects are open for bitcoin savvy traders like me?
on  Durango09
Any seeds around?
Better to order 20 or more in case of poor germination rate.
Bottle of 100 drops of liquid lsd for microdosing
I am interested. You have macrodoses too?
on  samf2001
Psychedelics Where?
Thanks for the info + 3 more
Fear is America's best selling product
State-sponsered fear is not unique to the US. Capitalism and communism both generate fear, but in the US, where capitalism has run amok, it is more su… + 2 more
Mushroom treatment
Where did you get this information? Have you looked on The Microdose Institute webpage? It lists the Fadiman and the Stamets protocol. Paul Stamets i…
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bitcoin fee's
Yes, monero is the way to go! + 2 more
Question for Sellers
started topic + 2 more
Does any service get seized more often?
Same way in America except for imported items. Even then, it is very seldom that customs here would not even think twice about a parcel that looks lik…
Basic safety practice for buyers
It is good to use a VPN on your devices anyway. You can access this site through TOR for additional privacy. It is safe to buy on here from trusted ve…
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Crypto Trading
started topic
LSD Needed
Hard to get real LSD outside of the Netherlands. High dose mushrooms I would recommend. I have some Ecuadorian ready in 3 weeks.
Selling On Little Biggy Smoov And Easy discussion
What items are eligible to be sold? I see mostly cannabis related products, but what about natural entheogens like peyote?