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Best Mushrooms on LB?
I have killer Penis Envy and Amazonian shrooms. I only ship within US for now. I will ship internationally my soon to be listed microdose capsules. … + 3 more
Shooms + 4 more
Mushrooms. Like yesterday
Potent shrooms for US customers....3 varieties: penis envy, amazonia, and mazapetec... message me for deals and questions
Trip for Free this Mushroom Season
I signed up for a microdosing course from I have heard that if you get the proper dose and the proper timing of a dose (say every 4 d… + 5 more
on  samf2001
Psychedelics Where?
NWA. I am looking for lucy 200-300ug. Last time I ordered from "yourmumshouse" and it was bunk. What is the onion server link to you? + 3 more
Mushroom treatment
Where did you get this information? Have you looked on The Microdose Institute webpage? It lists the Fadiman and the Stamets protocol. Paul Stamets i…
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bitcoin fee's
Yes, monero is the way to go! + 2 more
looking for highest quality hash any good suggestion - cheers
Hashishin carries traditional land race hash from all over Middle East. I ordered Moroccan and I recommend him highly. He ships to US too. Very good c…
I am looking for either freebase or powdered DMT. I am in US.
Does any service get seized more often?
Same way in America except for imported items. Even then, it is very seldom that customs here would not even think twice about a parcel that looks lik…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
your profile summary has been hidden. please do not use little biggy for external transactions, this results in reputati…
As a seller, my messages have been suspended to other users. All because some twat customer wanted to pay me for expetided delivery and I had no optio…
Question for Sellers
started topic + 2 more
Christmas gifts for everyone ♡
I usually take 200ug too. Do you have any deals for a sheet? + 3 more
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Buy bitcoin
Stay away from Coinbase! My account was hacked and drained. Coinbase never responded to my 4 complaints. They have no live service agents. If you have…
Bottle of 100 drops of liquid lsd for microdosing
I am interested. You have macrodoses too?
on  Durango09
Any seeds around?
Better to order 20 or more in case of poor germination rate.
lazy twats with talent
I am interested in earning free crypto. What projects are open for bitcoin savvy traders like me?
Basic safety practice for buyers
It is good to use a VPN on your devices anyway. You can access this site through TOR for additional privacy. It is safe to buy on here from trusted ve…
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Crypto Trading
started topic
LSD Needed
Hard to get real LSD outside of the Netherlands. High dose mushrooms I would recommend. I have some Ecuadorian ready in 3 weeks.
Selling On Little Biggy Smoov And Easy discussion
What items are eligible to be sold? I see mostly cannabis related products, but what about natural entheogens like peyote?
Fear is America's best selling product
State-sponsered fear is not unique to the US. Capitalism and communism both generate fear, but in the US, where capitalism has run amok, it is more su… + 2 more