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Ahh this place looks good! So many products. Recommendations please?x
I only smoke herb, im not into extracts or edibles… Waaay too strong for my tolerance.

Help a girl out :) x
First off, Welcome :)

One lady to another, please come and check out our menu. We had a variety of Bud and hashes. These are also available in variety packs to give buyers a chance to sample different things to find which they prefer. Although they usually like them all lol. Also check our reviews for our customers thoughts on our menu.

Hope you manage to find what your looking for highqueen. Any questions, just drop me a message and I'll be around.

Thanks, ULC
I’m new to LB and 2 of my 3 orders have been with ULC. Very happy with both the product and service
Thanks for the recommendations,
ULC has good reviews, one for the bookmarks! :)
Thank you for the mention :)
Hello and welcome! We offer a good variety of products and they’re all up to standard. The best bang for your buck! ♥️♥️♥️ If you have any questions you can just message us and expect a prompt reply.
Welcome highqueen :)

I'm a vendor here. I have some Cheese CBD which is nice if you have a low tolerance, as this is a CBD enriched strain with 12% CBD and 8% THC.

And I have some Blue Kush which is a a bit heavier at 18% THC but not ott.

I'd be happy to send you a free "welcome" sample of both to try if you'd like. Just send me a message :)

Again, welcome to this magical place :)

Thank you lovely’s! Xx
Both ULC and budbotanist will see you right as well.

There are so many good vendors and products on here it's difficult to go wrong (or try them)

ULC have some variety packs which you might find good for toe dipping including a hash pack I keep looking at

Budbotanist is offering you free weed and both of those strains are lovely and you can tell they have been grown with some love 😍

Have fun 😎


Both are excellent in my opinion 😜

And then

Haven't had this particular one but the vendor have been great to deal with on a previous order and it's cheap as chips.

Or other end of the scale

And the vendors live up to their name and speak to you as they are spoken too much love to TGD 😍😘

Hope this helps any questions fire away, I haven't used anywhere near all of these vendors but I have used a "few" of them by now 😜😎😜🤣
welcome to LB!

some good vendors below 0







cant go wrong with em!