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This one has bugged me for years. Why the big fuss over charas? I've always found it not that nice. I know back in the day it was highly regarded but in todays market hand rolled hash, that is full of skin cells and god know what else from being rolled out in the fields. This is an incredibly crude form of extraction compared to dry sifting and filters etc. Your thoughts my fellow bigga's....
I am with you buddy, smoking dead skin cells and palm sweat is not for me these days lol.
I think its more of a nostalgia thing and people remembering it being so much nicer than the soap bar and other dodgy bits that were around 20-30 years ago.
People bang on about frenchie and his temple balls and rightly so. Charas is just a cruder method of extraction but still has that heat and pressure to produce some truly special stuff especially when combined with living landrace plants grown in high altitude on the edge of mountains.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had some good stuff most sold these days isn’t even close.
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Transaxe now held my refund for 9 days....
Transaxe Holding my Refund
Transaxe identity leak warning
Put it to the Biggaz....
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Got my 2grams prize as promised. Lovely bit of bud Wedding Pie. Thank you so much ;) + 2 more