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Terp hunting
Can confirm Riley's sunset sherbert bx1 smells like blackcurrent cough sweets and tastes great
No Service From Today (07/07/22)
My deepest sympathies. I hope you and your family can spend the time you need together at this time.
{buy help}
Help choosing please
I can vouch for ULC, they're a great seller with a great selection and service.
Whats Your Favourite Strain ?
Apparently Druid's Magic will be putting some Gelonade up soon btw
Black Pepper Taste
It sounds like you're looking for caryophyllene heavy strains. I'd really recommend UrbanLeafCo's Garlic Juice once he's back
Postal strike July-August???
Solidarity friend <3
Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault Debate 1971
Oh hands down Foucault - he absolutely wipes the floor with Chomsky! Did you know Foucault was supposedly paid in hash for this gig?
PSA / Request for vendors, Royal Mail
started topic + 4 more
No Service From 6th Of June
Sorry to hear that ULC & thanks for getting my order out today. Hope your family are ok <3
Cyborgs at the foundations of feminist culture
Donna Haraway makin TERFs mad since 1985 <3
Looks beautiful! I ordered some and got Domino Runtz as a replacement, which I've not been able to try yet, but looks and smells gorgeous as well. Har…
100 Review Giveaway 🎉 [$250 Store Credit]
I've heard nothing but good things about you since you started, count me in!