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Easy littlebiggys,
It's mushroom season so i will be out during the days, please keep this in mind if i dont answer back during the day, i will be checking of an evening.

Dr.Dank here to provide you with high grade; Cannacoco oil, buds, hash, concentrates.

On the way
Smottie remix x Smottie remix
This ones a very special backcrossed strain that a friend has spent 5 years finding the perfect phenos.
Open Pollination between UK skunk classics, with a haze and Diesel twist.
The Smile male and Bluecheese Mum, Hottie, created the original Smottie
A great combination resulting in very medicinal herb courtesy of Chemist,the original creator of the Smottie Works.

Genetics used:

Smottie X Smottie
Smottie Version 3b
Psychottie (Pyschosis x Smottie)
UK Cheese x Smottie
Blues (Livers Cut)
Casey Jones (Unknown Cut)

That's the lineage for smottie remix
The cross has been selected for strong Uk cheese(the males were firing blanks!) blues, smile, and psychosis genes.
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