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Sniffer dogs and edibles
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Cheese comparisons
Was wondering if anyone has tried some of the cheeses available at the moment, I’ve got some Exodus Cheese from Green Cat which was very nice but I see that Yourmumshouse has some cheese up for sale too and wondered how they compared, anyone tried both?
I’d like to know this answer to. Can vouch for green cats had that a couple of times and it’s nice and def old school cheese. Nothing has the terps and stink of the original cheds from back in day anymore. 8th used to stink the whole house out! It’s similar tho for sure and nice and strong. all tho I enjoyed the blueberry cheesecake from gc months ago tiny bit more I’d say.
Also seen ghost town terps listing zkittles X Bluchi recently, cannapharm has cheese and obvs gc, buddies and ymh all do too. I’d be the guinea pig if any samples are going for sure😂
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Anyone bought in Mexico?
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How to dispute?
by  Shaggyni
I think something is amiss...
Magic listing for you pal
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Glastonbury Weed!
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Funny Scoring stories
Had a bit of a freaky one when I was living in Kings Cross in Sydney, there was word of a cafe there selling weed so I went there and ended up getting… + 2 more
British cheese
There are a couple of sellers selling it, Green Cat, Yourmumshouse and I think Buddies?
Exodus cheese & G13
Green Cat have Exodus Cheese 🧀 + 2 more
Super Lemon Haze
Shall we redraw for the last winner?
Yes please!