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joined sep 2021
High and Polite brought me here. The choice of weed and home delivery keeps me here.
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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Might as well ban claims of organic or grown in living soil too. If a vendor is making big claims then a potential customer should do some serious vet…
Is this outdoor bud?
Keeping an eye on reviews of this. I would of presumed Spanish outdoor grown import at that price. Its been nearly twenty years since I've seen an oz …
Tbf I've purchased three separate ounces of trim on his previous listing and they've all been really good. Lots of sugar leaf and popcorn bud with a d…
on  skunk76
Any vendor that gives tracking number?
Green Cat provided the tracking number
Looking for charas
Keeping an eye on this one. I had some genuine Nepalese charas twenty years ago. Hands down the best bit of solid I've ever had. I'd be willing to bre…
High Times Top Strains 1977
If i got any of that in the post I'd probably raise a dispute. Though I did buy thai stick and brick pack in the 90's. Wouldn't mind seeing a picture …
Test Results
Potent and tasty
on  ILLYA1966
Missing HASH Bud boyz
Hope it works out. The mix bundle was my last purchase and I was happy with it. The hash was good and a nice change considering I haven't purchased ha…
devvy borg
unusable items wall!
The wall in its current form is a mess. It used to take me ages to get to the bottom. I say used to because I don't do it anymore. I just go to one of…
on  Adired
Vaping advice needed
If you want to play with concentrates then dabbing is probably the best route for that. As most vapes that do both green and concentrates generally fo…
Want to be a bit more adventurous...
I currently mix it up between smoking and vaping. I normally vape with a dynavap during the day through a bong and save combustion for bedtime smokes.…
RB's Gelato Dawg Review
Great review. My experience is pretty much the same. Slightly delayed delivery with great stealth and cant catch any hint of dawg in the weed. But if …
Competition time! 6/10/21
Wilder to KO Fury in the first