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Prefer old skool solid in a joint!
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Coinbase lockout happening. Any other way to purchase fast..?
I couldn't get anywhere trying to buy btc by card on all the usual platforms Stumbled on paxful, can pay loads of ways, if banks are playing up, I got…
Ordered my 2g sampler today
started topic + 2 more
Bought 2g today
started topic + 2 more
Ordered 2g sampler today
started topic + 2 more
Just ordered 2g of each hash, had to read the prices twice before confirming. Will be an interesting day when the order drops!
on  Bonjela88
Does anyone know a way around sending money from bank debit cards..can you do it on revolut?
Tell me about it, was just by luck I found paxful All the usual platforms kept rejecting my card Must be a thing with the UK banks running scared! + 2 more