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Irish, ah sure it's grand
Been floating between different vendors who deliver to Ireland. Just wanted to see what's the best product my fellow Irish heads are getting on LB?

For me:
1st Jungle Boys Project 4516 from TGD - possibly best ever smoke, currently out of stock
2nd Backpack Boyz Bubblegum Gelato from RB - again really good top shelf stuff
3rd too many to list

Calm with horses. Amazing film man!!
My 1st order with RB was seized so never went back
Rev. Mick
Since Royal Mail went on strike (I am with you) and the post Brexit VAT hassles better to get post from EU than UK.
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Massively Overpriced
Only recently had an order drop from Pink Lady. To those who question the price etc remember this is a black market enterprise and is selling a desira…
favourite strain and why?
Jungleboys Project 4516
Good ways to reduce weed smell
Burn bread, covers all smells known to mankind 🤪
on  Jackdoyle
Uk to South of Ireland
She landed 🎆 8 days from UKbudbroz. Looks like standard post so just a bit of a backlog + 2 more
You and me both Furball. I know the two of us have been using the same Uk crowds so defo appreciate Pink Lady being here. The Hulk Berry is very tasty
Should I expect a response?
started topic + 2 more
Irish service
started topic + 3 more
Irish Delays
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Where are DIUK gone ?
I reckon they're taking a break. In the same boat
Is DIUK down?
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Delivery times, Ireland
DIUK have a 100% delivery for me. Keeping the orders at 3.5g I think ensures delivery. It looks like any post under 5g might not even be scanned